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Alley Cat Studios

Alley Cat Studios

Artistic Category Artist

Camila Centeno Bonnet (She/Her) - Co-owner and Creative Director

Remy Taylor Brooks (They/Them) - Co-owner and Creative Director

Career Level Mid-career
Experienced With Collaboration, Commissions, For-hire services, Leading workshops, Public art, Speaking engagements

Alley Cat Studios is a woman & LGBTQ+ owned studio from artist and designer pair Camila Centeno Bonnet and Remy Taylor Brooks. They specialize in design and illustration to create breakthrough branding and consulting for businesses, arts organizations, and content creators.

Camila Centeno Bonnet is a multidisciplinary artist born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. She has over 9 years of experience in Media Arts, particularly in digital and traditional illustration, video editing, and graphic design.


Remington Brooks is an enthusiastic, interdisciplinary professional working in the fields of art operations, design, and brand management. They have over 8 years of facility and event operations experience within the arts and entertainment sectors and over 10 years of brand communication & design strategy expertise with which they have brought satisfaction to dozens of clients and thousands of patrons and customers. Remington is well suited for navigating the challenges and opportunities of efficiently communicating, producing, and expressing the value of art and creativity in our communities.


Bellevue, Pennsylvania 15202
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  • Animation
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Internet
  • Other
  • Photography
  • Public Art


  • Computer generated
  • Digital
  • Digital manipulation
  • Digital painting
  • Electronic
  • Information visualization
  • Internet
  • Silkscreen