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Wade Kramm

Wade Kramm

Artistic Category artist
Career Level Professional
Experienced With Lectures, Public art, Speaking engagements, Teaching engagements

In my recent installations and public work, I have been creating environments and experiences that attempt to redefine and renew our conventions of space. My interests stem from a fascination with the two-dimensional surfaces that co-exist and overlap our three-dimensional world, but are not quite a part of our space, such as shadows, cast light, reflections. I use our familiarity with these barely noticed, yet ubiquitous materials as tools to subtly challenge and thwart our perceptual expectations and accepted notions of space, light and architecture.

 In much of my art work, I manipulate materials not to create a discrete art object, but to demarcate and indicate the unseen or invisible planes and spaces that already exist in our surroundings. My work strives to compete with architecture, not by adding more materials, but through our perception of the space. One of the guiding principles of my recent work is to draw the viewer’s attention away from the materials and toward a recontexualizing of the architectural space. In doing so, I create an experience counter to architecture and the defined boundaries of the walls and rooms.

Wade Kramm’s recent installations combine Minimalism, architecture and perception to reshape the space in which the viewer engages. He materializes planes and spaces out of the void, thus obliging the viewer to reassess the very notion of space and absoluteness. The phenomenological experience balances between the neon and wooden forms and the pleasing discovery of new spaces within the space.

Wade Kramm received his M.F.A. in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. He has been the recipient of several prestigious grants, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and Artist Resource Trust Grant. Kramm has also held numerous residencies at institutions, such as Takt Berlin, Vermont Studio Center, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Wade Kramm has participated in exhibitions worldwide at galleries, museums, and culture centers including the Clint Roenisch Gallery (Toronto, CAN); Athens Contemporary Museum of Art (Athens, GA); Kent State University (Kent State, OH); Esther M. Klein Art Gallery (Philadelphia, PA); Tapir Gallery (Berlin, DE); Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, PA); the Mine Factory Gallery (Pittsburgh, PA); Sammer Gallery (New York, NY) and Piero Atchugarry (Pueblo Garzón, UY).

 He is represent by Piero Atcugarry Gallery


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15147



  • Public Art
  • Installation
  • Light
  • Photography
  • Sculpture


  • Black & white
  • Conceptual
  • Minimalist
  • Paper