Work Sample

“Strength of Stele” is a memorial of objects and spaces honoring the courage and indomitable spirit of the steel workers. Interactions with the steel workers and their stories of the once bustling steel mill have informed my sculptural works. The sculptures attempt at excavating and documenting commemorations through plaster casts of original objects to preserve the residue of the past, thereby recording the traces of time. The impressions, grime, slag, dirt left of the original object on the plaster cast tells the story of the past. The sculptures pay homage to the recollections of steel workers who worked at this now historic iconic site ‘The Carrie Furnace’. Features inherent of the plaster cast method- reversal, confrontation of positive and negative, dissolution, inversion and mirror imaging are exploited to tell their story. Through these works, the viewers will be confronted to examine memories, meaning, identities and the history of the respective structures.

Date: 08/01/2015
Dimensions: variable
Price: $2000-5000